We proudly present DOG-i-NOIR®

The 1st container ever designed to easily collect the urine of dogs

dog dog-i-noir
DOG-i-NOIR product

This is how it works

Collect the morning urine for the optimal test results. It is the best time for the dog as well.

0 - 20 kg

Hold the container using the big handle and put the narrow part under the dog.

> 20 kg

Hold the container at the narrow part – small handle – and put the wider part under the dog.

The urine will flow into the wider part and now you can use the pouring nozzle to pour the urine in the tube. Your veterinarian will only need 5 ml.

Close the tube, fill out the sticker with name dog/owner and time of collection and stick it on the tube.


Bring the tube to your veterinarian within 2 hours for the best results.

What's inside the kit?

Cat-i-noir kit


  • 1x DOG-i-NOIR®

  • 2x plastic gloves

  • 2x tubes

  • 1x wastebag

  • 2x tube stickers

We have included everything you need to collect the urine of your dog.

How it works: videos

How it works: photos

Why collecting urine is so important?

cat cat-i-noir
  • Urine analysis is the first-choice screening for your pet’s health.
  • Urine analysis is very effective for detection of early stage diseases like:
    • diabetes mellitus;
    • renal failure;
    • cushing’s disease;
    • urinary tract infection.
  • Urine analysis helps to keep track of recovery of diseases.
  • Using DOG-i-NOIR® is harmless and easy to perform.

Where can I buy DOG-i-NOIR®?

We only sell/distribute to veterinarians who can also perfom the urine analysis.
Please ask your vet or send us an email where you can buy DOG-i-NOIR®.